10 ‘Psychological Triggers’ To Get Your Prospects To Click

Well, contrary to popular belief, banner ads are NOT
dead, and can produce a significant amount of traffic,
IF you know how to make them work.

The best sort of banner is a simple ‘invisible’
banner popularized by Scott Covert with a direct
response type, benefit laden headline that blends in
and looks like part of the webpage instead of a
blatant banner that screams ‘banner ad!’.

Note: Avoid flash, gaudy graphics and colors at all

Now, check out my top 10 ‘Psychological Triggers’ to
get that elusive banner ‘clickthrough’.

1. The words on your banner should ‘hook’ and lure the
reader to take action. Adjectives are known to be very
attractive,words like scorching, starving, sizzling,
powerful, etc. The words you use should really
accentuate the benefits in your offer.

2. Make a discount offer on your banner ad. People
are always looking for good deals. You could offer
a percentage discount, dollar discount, buy one get
one free discount, etc. But do always remember to
justify your discount with “reason why” and make
sure to NEVER devalue your product.

2m roller banners
wide roller banner
wide roll up banner

3. Advertise a trial or sample offer. This
will tell people there is no risk or obligation if they
click on your banner ad and try out your product or
service. A ‘try before you buy’ risk reversal approach
has been proven to be extremely effective, as
postulated by Claude Hopkins in the marketing classic,
Scientific Advertising.

4. You could advertise a free offer on your banner
ad. People love free stuff. The freebie should relate
to your target audience. If the freebie is attractive
to them they will click. FREE, is one of the most
powerful words in advertising. Bait them.

5. Here’s a sneaky trick. Use reverse psychology. Tell
your audience not to click on your banner ad. Here’s a
good example – “Don’t Click Here If You Are Comfortable
With What You Are Currently Earning”. This is also
known as the ‘takeaway’, which is one of the most
effective tactics in marketing.