10 Things You Need to Know about Choosing

Whether waking or sleeping,10 Things You Need to Know about Choosing Articles whether deliberately or habitually, whether in matters big or small, you live by continuously choosing. You are always choosing – what to do next, what to do now, what to do if, what to do when.

And just like breathing, your choosing can become so routine and so automatic that you may not be certain how or why it works. You may not understand how or why it sometimes fails to serve you well.

These ten things you need to know are the ABCs of choosing.

Learn these ten things, remember these ten things, and you can breathe easier, secure in the knowledge that you have a better understanding of how and why your choosing works, and of how and why it sometimes fails to serve you well.

When you know these ten essential things about choosing, you become better at weighing your options in every situation. You become more efficient and more effective in all of your choosing, deliberate and habitual, big and small. Your choosing gets better and better.

Here are the essential messages of the ten things you need to know about choosing:


1.You can only interpret what you can perceive – choosing requires both.

2.You perceive consciously and non-consciously – choosing requires both.

3.You interpret logically and non-logically – choosing requires both.

4.You choose what’s possible to make what is – choosing changes both.

5.Risk and reward are two sides of the same coin – choosing engages both.

6.You put some time, energy and attention into every choice – big or small.