3 Valuable Fixtures for Bulk Candy Sales

3 Valuable Fixtures for Bulk Candy Sales

One of the most important products in any candy store is the bulk candy. Not only can people scoop out as much as their hearts desire, but assorted bulk candy also provides much of the color and brightness of the establishment. It’s part of what makes a candy store such a happy place to be.

So what kind of fixtures will you need if you decide to offer people’s favorite bulk candy in your store? There are many fixtures for bulk candy available, and each has a unique function in a candy store. Fixtures for bulk candy store sales are those permanent, or at least semi-permanent, hardware items that make it easy to display and serve your bulk candy.

Slatwalls. Slatwalls are permanent wall panels that have indentions where containers or shelves may be hung. If you’re planning a candy store, slatwalls are extremely valuable fixtures for bulk candy sales, since once the slatwall is hung, it offers infinte variety for the type and arrangement of containers you can hang there. Bins, jars, baskets, and dispensers can be arranged in almost any configuration, and changed as frequently as you need to change them..


Bins. Since health code regulations ususally require candy to be in a closed container, bins with lids are an excellent way to meet this requirement. Acrylic or plastic bins are clear, allowing the bright colors of the candy to lend their cheer to your space, and helping you keep an eye on your stock. They have easy-to-lift hinged lids, so that kids can scoop out whatever type of candy they have permission to buy. This is the kind of fixture for bulk candy sales that adds not only usefulness, but enjoyment, to your shop.

Dry food dispensers. You might be more familiar with these as cereal dispensers, but they’re also a good way to display and dispense your assorted bulk candy. They come in different sizes and shapes, and so are an excellent fixture for bulk candy sales. A customer only has to hold their candy bag underneath the nozzle and watch the goodies pour in.

Any candy store, or any other retail store, is going to be a mixture of fixtures and moveable displays. That way, you can plan out your overall design, but still make adjustments that take into account your traffic flow and presentation. The above fixtures for bulk candy sales can be valuable elements in that balance.