800 Numbers for the New Generation

The tremendous growth of business telecom services since 1997 and the introduction of toll free phone numbers have dramatically altered the entire concept of business communications. The 800 numbers have become immensely popular and there is n increasing demand to own a toll free number amongst the business community.

Toll free numbers can be used by almost every business as well as professionals – as it has its own advantages for all – businesses are able to project a better image and increase sales,800 Numbers for the New Generation Articles and self-employed professionals gain respect.

Toll-free telephone numbers became so popular that FCC was forced to issue a new prefix 888 in anticipation of the depletion of all possible 800 numbers. But, the new 888 prefix lasted only two years before completely running out. As a result, the FCC introduced a string of new toll-free prefixes 877, 866, to accommodate the ever rising demand.

Of the presently existing toll free area codes – 800, 888, 877 & 866 – it is estimated that a total of 31,000,000 toll free numbers are available. Each area code has 7.7 million available phone number combinations. Recent statistics show:

    • 6.5 million 1-800 numbers


    • 5 million 888 phone numbers


    • 4.9 million 877 numbers


  • 3.1 million 866 numbers

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) obviously holds the key to the next generation of toll free numbers – the 844 numbers. As soon as these area codes begin to show signs of exhaustion, the FCC will be constrained to release further toll free numbers such as the 844 numbers. It is believed that FCC will open the public use of next generation toll free services in the foreseeable future.


When 844 numbers are eventually released there will be a rush of suppliers jostling to register specific numbers. There is an air of expectancy though none of these suppliers know exactly when the 844 numbers will be made available. Once 844 numbers are available you can register for your own 844 toll free number – the proverbial early bird catches the worm.

Since 844 numbers are not released yet – no provider company can guarantee that the number you reserve will be assuredly allotted. Once 844 numbers are released, you will be able to submit your reservation on this website but not before. You should be guarded against companies that are prematurely offering reservations for 844 numbers.

Voice mail toll free number is poised to take your business to the next generation of toll free numbers. This is expected to provide some incredible new features that will also be simple to access. Voice mail toll free number will prove to bean excellent method to find out customer reviews and to know the marketability of your product or services. It is said that the toll free voicemail will enable you to find out what your target market expects from you.

The voice mail toll free number will facilitate customer to give their feedback without paying any charges. The toll free voicemail service has several advantageous that include follow-me-calling and you will have the option to either pick up the call or put it in the voice mail.

You also get the option of a call blast, whereby your message can be broadcast instantly and the information will reach at the desired destinations. Whether it’s a voice mail toll free number or the call blast service providers will supply you with the equipment or software that best suits your business requirement.