Cristiano Ronaldo At Bernabeu Side This Summer- Media’s Favorite Sports Personality of Year

Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer saga is becoming one of longest running saga of this decade as the Portuguese international and Manchester united star is engaged in switch from old Trafford side to Bernabeu. Cristiano Ronaldo is most likely a player will carry number 9 jersey of Spanish giant Real Madrid at this summer. The bigger probability according to fans of Cristiano Ronaldo admits that the player will be seen in Madrid shirt this June and Portuguese super star is expected to have massive bid for transfer which let people believe that English club will face difficulty in rejecting such a massive transfer bid.

Cristiano Ronaldo is on headlines this year with number of events like transfer saga to Spanish giant real Madrid for more than one year and engaged in talk with Serie A giants inter Milan and Ac Milan comment mania. Ac Milan coach Carlos Ancelotti already admit him better player in Europe and tagged him spectacular player. Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho who is currently managing Inter Milan side at San Siro is also wishes to sign 23 year Portuguese star which makes him most wanted player by top clubs of Europe. Cristiano Ronaldo also escaped from serious accident while his 200000 pounds Ferrari crashed and write off.

Cristiano Ronaldo is involved in transfer gossip a year ago when Spanish giants try to land him in Spain but Portugal winger is favorite in Man united and It’s not easy to convinced them for a transfer. Will Ronaldo persuaded by Bernd Schuster’s club and become one of world’s highest paid players of century. The Portuguese international is wished last year to give up his career at old Trafford and join the Spaniard side in 2009. Manchester United’s Coach Sir Alex Ferguson is urging red devil’s fan to support 23 year old youngster and stood by him to play him more for old Trafford side. After dismissal of Calderon the Bernabeu side boss urges his club to land golden boy who wins ballon d’Or and FIFA world player of year who can help Spanish giant to reclaim their Primera Liga title.

Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing for champions league draw against first leg of knockout round with Italian giant inter Milan and confident over defense of their title of champions league. Ronaldo is travelling to San Siro on 24 February with red devils to first encounter between Manchester United and Inter Milan followed by welcoming the Italian giants at old Trafford. Joes Mourinho coach of inter Milan already conclude this star striker Ibrahimovic as better player than him. The UEFA champions league’s live action on 24 February can be witnessed with action packed thrilling game encounter between these two giants. If you are regular soccer viewer you must notice his goal scoring abilities.

What happened if Cristiano Ronaldo stays at Manchester United he will be known as loyal warrior of club and what happened if he chooses Spanish giant real Madrid he will be known as enthusiastic kid of football and that’s what else you can say to the football player of his statue? Whatever the outcome of this transfer will be,Cristiano Ronaldo At Bernabeu Side This Summer- Media’s Favorite Sports Personality of Year Articles it will have effect on both teams.