Does your Door Vulnerable to Lock Bumping? Know How to Prevent it

Illegally speaking, Does your Door Vulnerable to Lock Bumping? Know How to Prevent it Articles lock bumping is an attack technique in which burglars use bump keys to quickly open pin tumbler door locks.

What exactly is lock bumping?
Lock bumping is an effortless way used by thieves to unlock door locks. Lock Bumping uses the basic principles of physics. A specially cut “bump-key” is inserted into the lock, then by using any type of blunt object the key is struck. The impact forces produced due to the struck cause the pins within the lock to move above the shear line for a fraction of a second enabling the lock to be opened.

Can Your Door Locks be Bumped?

How can you determine whether or not your home or office is vulnerable to lock bumping? Consider the following two scenarios:

•Check it out if your door locks are of the pin tumbler or cylinder variety

•If you have purchased your locks from hardware store, then chances are there that you locks are vulnerable to this lock picking technique. Locks sold at hardware outlets are mass produced so in 95 percent cases such locks can be bumped.

Preventing Lock Bumping

1.Install High Security Locks: Get high security locks installed by professional locksmith in Dubai. A locksmith company can provide you “bump and pick resistant” locks that you won’t find anywhere in the market. High security locks are made of stronger material, have thicker screws and contain anti-theft measures.

2.Install Keyless Deadbolt locks: Ask your Dubai locksmith company to install latest varieties of keyless deadbolt locks which do not cylinders and are bump proof. The most advanced option for increasing your home security is to go with keyless lock that has biometric technology.

3.Install deadbolt lock with special pins: You will get new models of deadbolt lock that uses a special pin inside the lock. These special pins prevent the lock from bumping via a typical lock bump, and so the cylinder can’t turn. Get this type of deadbolt lock with special pins for better security of your home or business.