The bike has become a need of every person these days. Everyone is familiar with the name Honda. Honda has been working in Pakistan from a long term. There are no complaints about the bikes launched by Honda up till now. Different bikes of Honda are being used all over Pakistan. Some bikes launched by Honda are for daily use while other are sports bike which people buy according to their love for bikes. Honda bikes have always been a source of attraction by people. By this Honda has managed to build a large customer base in Pakistan. Honda cd 70 is the most used bike in Pakistan. Honda CD 70 2020 price in Pakistan have been increased slightly. Below we will discuss why Honda is considered one of the top bike brands in Pakistan and why popularity is increasing day by day.

QUALITY: The main reason why Honda is considered among one of the top bike brands in Pakistan,HONDA AS THE MOST POPULAR BIKES BRAND IN PAKISTAN Articles as well as the whole world, is its quality. As the word quality tells itself. Quality is one of the best things a company can give to its customers. As we know that if the company will give better quality products the customer will shop next time otherwise the company will lose one of its customers and its customer base will decrease.

AFTER-SALE SERVICES: Honda is providing its customers with after-sale services of 3 years free of cost which is the best period a company can give to facilitate its customers. If the engine of the bike gets any kind of problem it can be changed from the authorized center of Honda easily.

WARRANTY: Honda gives its customers 3 years of warranty. If the user find any kind of problem in the engine of his bike the company will repair/change it free of cost but the warranty card or specific letter offered by the company at the time of purchase should be present.

INCREASE IN POPULARITY: The main reason of increase of popularity of Honda bikes in Pakistan is there best quality after-sale services and warranty period given to their customers by all these things it h