How To Get High Rankings For Your Blog Posts

It is certainly possible to get high rankings in the search engines for each post you make on your blog without putting in much effort. Too many people make the mistake of regularly posting on their blog without giving any thought to keywords. So here are a few tips to help you achieve high rankings for each blog post you make which will increase the traffic to your blog.

Firstly,How To Get High Rankings For Your Blog Posts Articles the most important thing you need to do is spend some time doing keyword research before posting on your blog.

It is very important that you choose a different long tail keyword phrase for each post you make. Each blog post is equivalent to a new page, so that is why you will want to make sure that you optimize each blog post for a different keyword phrase.

Select keyword phrases that have low competition and only a few searches per month. I really do mean only a few searches i.e. 30 – 300 monthly searches. If you are consistently and regularly posting on your blog the few visitors you get for each post will soon add up over time.

Add your keyword phrase in the title and two or three times in the actual post. If you add an image to your blog post you can add the keyword phrase in the alt image tag as well. If you are using an SEO plugin on your blog, be sure to add the title, description and keyword phrase in the form provided.

You can monetize each post by linking to one of the online business opportunities, an affiliate product or home business ideas you are promoting. Or an alternative way to monetize is to blend Google Adsense ads into your blog posts.

Then a further step you can take to push your posts even higher up in the rankings is to write an article related to the theme of your blog post and distribute it to the article directories. In the resource box use two links, i.e. firstly link to the home page of your blog with your blog’s main keywords and secondly, be sure that you link to the actual post on your blog that you want to rank higher with the keyword phrase you optimized that blog post for.