The internet is set up in such a way that makes it possible for the public to make investigation through the access of thousands of sites for legal,Online Security Issues Articles beneficial purposes. At the same time it is vulnerable to Hackers and Malware which are set out to harm your computer and cause damage to thousands of sites which can push legitimate business out of operation.


Malware – speaks to a variety of malicious software. some types of Malware are; computer virus, which is a program set up to cause harm to the data on your computer by erasing files, creating new files, changing files or even permanently removing files from your computer. These viruses appear on your computer thus infecting your website or any email you open that contains the virus. We therefore need to be aware of the unknown links we click on as they are the likely avenue through which the virus travels. Do not open a file if you are unsure of its sender. Virus infection travels through CD, memory sticks or attached files.

Another type is called Trojan horse – a program that captivates your computer totally without your knowledge. It can, like virus, travel via email. It focuses on sending infected dated from your computer to hacker’s server via the internet. It also send out spam (junk email) while attaching itself to the spam so it can infect yours and all the computers of the people listed in your address book.

Spyware is the third form of Malware to be discussed. Spyware as the name suggest provides other computer users with access to spy on other users. Spy travels to your computer in the same manner as virus does – when you click a link or download a malicious program. Spyware however do have some good to it. Companies in the process of protecting business computer usage, use Key-loggers to make sure employees are only using their computers for the intended purposes – business. They also use it to spy on unsuspecting users. It records the letters and numbers (keystrokes) made on the keyboard. Even though it may appear that your password is protected while typing (often displayed as *******), the key-logger program has the potential to identify every keystroke made and can can send that information to a hacker who may use it for illegal activities. There is also another form of spyware called, scree recorder, which actually takes a picture of your screen and may potentially record sensitive information.