“P” Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Profits

Jeff Schuman here with another article on making money
from the comfort of your own home with my Amazing Sales
Formula and Internet Marketing!

As a business person our ultimate goal is to be in
business for ourselves to earn a profit!

Basic Accounting 101 states that

I don’t want to get into what makes up expenses
except to say that you will have fixed and variable
expenses when you operate any business.

The nice thing about operating a home business is that
you are able to eliminate most all of your expenses
compared to a traditional business.

That right there is the single biggest reason you can
be in a profit mode almost from day 1. You do not have
to incur alot of expense to create an immediate income.


When you look at the other 5 “P’s”………

1. Product
2. People
3. Price
4. Promotions
5. Persistence

you really begin to understand how it is that so many new
businesses fail in the first 5 years. There are alot of
variables that go into the 5 “P’s”!

The American Dream of Free Enterprise is founded on
the principle of FREEDOM of choice!

You get to choose how you run your own business.
You make the decisions. You put your neck on the
line everyday!

Internet Marketing or making money from the comfort of
your own home is no different. We get up everyday and put
our neck on the line to fulfill our “DREAM” of making money
from the comfort of our own homes.