Top sites are the main way I have been noticing proxies getting traffic. Top sites are basically a system in which If you send the top site a unique visitor in idea you would get double or more back. This isn’t always relevant though with top sites because of them not having enough traffic visiting them. Also the best time to get in on a top site is when they are just starting up. If the top site has between 1-40 sites on it would be the best opportunity to jump in so you have a better chance of making your proxy the top site and staying there threw the sites growth.

Link Exchange

Link exchange would seem like a good idea but in some ways its bad. The good idea of link exchange would be to exchange your link with a site that has a high traffic population coming through it but doesn’t have any of the same content as you. A bad link exchange would correspond to trading links with another proxy site. This at first will bring you in some unique visitors but after a while you will start sending your customers to the other proxy sites for them to see if they match up to your service. This just means your giving the money out of your pocket into the other company’s pocket. So just be aware that link exchange is not always the brightest idea to draw traffic.