Save Your Furniture, Your Sanity, and Your Cat’s Claws!

New cats and kittens are a fantastic addition to any family. But after you’ve bought the litter box it’s time to worry about the furniture. You see,Save Your Furniture, Your Sanity, and Your Cat’s Claws! Articles cats love to scratch. They actually need to scratch and if you’re not careful they can quickly ruin your prized furniture. But before you give up hope, there are things you can do to protect your furniture without having your cat de-clawed.

You need to encourage your cat to scratch a scratching post rather than your furniture. An understanding of why cats scratch will help us here!!Cats scratch for many reasons. They scratch as a way to exercise and to tone their muscles. They also scratch as a way to stretch. They have scent glands in their paws so cats scratch to scent and mark their territory. They love to dig their claws into the post, (or your furniture!), not because they want to ruin it but as a way to clean and sharpen their claws. Oh, we almost forgot, they scratch and claw because it feels sooooooo good!!

So you can see that scratching is a cats natural behavior and should be supported and encouraged to keep your cat fit and healthy. If your cat is scratching the furniture you’ll find that physical punishment does not work and will alienate your cat. Sometimes a stern word or a loud clap will stop kitty while you’re there, but what happens when you’re gone?

For a happy cat and a harmonious household with intact furniture the following tips may be of use:

The most important thing you can do is to buy a scratching post BEFORE you get the cat. This way the post will be an integral part of the cat’s environment when it arrives. Once a cat has established a behavior it’s very hard to break.

Ideally buy more than one post and place them in