You CAN get over 50,000 hits to your web site every month!

Naturally,You CAN get over 50,000 hits to your web site every month! Articles you ask “how?”. You might think this is a lot of hype, but its
not. My Ecommerce web site gets well over that number of hits every month and
I don’t even purchase banner space anywhere on the Internet. So, how do I do
it. It’s simple. Search Engine Submissions

I’m sure you’ve seen numerous companies claiming that by submitting your site
to 1000+ search engines, that you will get tons more traffic to your web
site. Is this true? Maybe. But wait, you just said that the success of was due to search engine submissions. Right. Let me explain.

You can submit your web site to 1000 search engines a day, every single day
for the next year and never get a good ranking in any of them. How come?
There is a lot of work to be done before you submit your site. I like to
think of it as 3 Steps.
1. HEAD content of page
2. Image Tags
3. Site Content

First, you need to know how Search Engine submissions work. Generally you go
to the Search Engine (ie. Excite) and add your site. Once you do that Excite
send a robot or spider (a little search program) to your web site to scour it
and see what it’s all about. The robot or spider also travels through every
link on your site and scours those pages as well. Once it has collected all
its data, it reports back to Excite where the information gets indexed or
filed according to its content. Then the indexed web sites show up in a
particular order depending of the keyword(s) searched. Although every Search
Engine has its own method of determining the ranking of web sites, the
information below is bound to help you enormously in your fight to be at the

In all three of these steps the most important thing to think about is
keywords. Keywords can be words or phrases. They are the words or phrases
that people will search for in order to find a site of your topic. So, in
this example we are using a pet store. Therefore some words or phrases people
would use to find a pet store would be “pet”, “pet store”, “pet shop”, “pet
supplies”, “pets”. In addition, people might search for specific products or
brands. So, more keywords would be “IAMS”, “Science Diet”, and “catnip”. Once